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TRT System Web Site  

The Web site is used by county, district, and school technology personnel to enter information about the technology available for online assessments at the school-level. A user login is required to use the system. Contact your district's information technology office if you need a user account.

TRT January 2013 New Features
An overview of the new features in the TRT released in January 2013 including device and network readiness reports, "school complete" checkbox, and school exception reports.

TRT Fall 2012 - What's New
An overview of the changes for the fall 2012 data collection window. The fall 2012 window closes on December 14, 2012.

Frequently Asked Questions

CDE-authored TRT FAQs (Updated 17-Jan-2013)
Frequently asked questions (FAQs) authored by the California Department of Education (CDE) regarding the use of the Technology Readiness Tool.

Data Collection Specifications

TRT Import File Layouts
File import layouts, templates, and samples for devices, school readiness survey questions, and user accounts.

TRT Parameters - Fall 2012
A list of parameters or data elements that will be collected by the tool for the fall 2012 data collection.

Training Modules

TRT Training Video - Fall 2012
Video provides a simple demonstration of using the Technology Readiness Tool with a focus on the fall 2012 data collection window.

TRT Training Video - Spring 2012
Video provides a simple demonstration of using the Technology Readiness Tool showing the basics of using the TRT with a focus on the spring 2012 data collection window.

Pearson Tech Readiness Tool Resources  
Quick Start Guides, FAQs, Training Module, and file layouts/templates created by the Pearson, the software developer of the Technology Readiness Tool.

Data Collection Summary Reports

Spring 2012 Summary
A statewide summary of the information collected by the Technology Readiness Tool for the spring 2012 data collection window.


Key Local Considerations  (PDF) 
This document addresses some of the considerations and/or local decisions that district and school staff may need to include in their transition planning or in their determinations of local readiness for the online delivery of statewide or other high-stakes assessments.

Smarter Balanced Technology Readiness Calculator  
This Web-based calculator is used to estimate the number of days and network bandwidth required to complete the assessments given the number of students, number of computers, and number of hours per day computers are available for testing at the school.

Smarter Balanced Network Bandwidth Checker Tool  
This Web-based tool will help determine if there is sufficient network bandwidth given a specified number of concurrent test takers at the school level (i.e., the location of the computer where the tool is run). The tool can be run from any Internet connected computers using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Internet Explorer cannot be used to run the tool. Instructions on using the tool  (PDF) provide further information.

Press Release - Smarter Balanced Releases Technology Strategy Framework and System Requirements Specifications 
The framework, developed by Navigation North on behalf of the Consortium, provides minimum hardware specifications and basic bandwidth calculations that will allow schools and districts to evaluate which of their existing devices will support the administration of next-generation assessments.

K-12 Internet Broadband Speed Test  
Use this free tool provided by the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) to help determine a school's Internet connection speed.

Press Release - Smarter Balanced and PARCC to Launch New Technology Readiness Tool to Support Transition to Online Assessments 


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