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Educational Websites

Eureka Math Helpful Web-sites

http://greatminds.net/parents (Overview of each module for each grade level)

http://www.oakdale.k12.ca.us/ENY Hmwk Intro Math ( Samples and videos to explain homework for each lesson of each module)

http://www.louisianabelieves.com/resources/library/family-support-toolbox-library ( Overview of each module for each grade level)

http://moodle.leasanton.k12.ca.us/mod/page/view.php?id=16251 (Problem Sets and homework pages in Spanish) (Curriculum overview with pacing guide) (link to download Teacher Editions, Student Editions, Application problems, Exit Tickets, Sprints, and materials Lists for any (or all) of the modules) (link to video tutorials)

Educational Videos


While we use quite a few different educational applications in our school computer lab and classrooms, many of these applications cost and would need to be purchased for home use (Math/Reading Blaster, Mavis Beacon, etc.). Below is a list of free educational websites (games, resources, etc.) that you and your child can visit from home.